After decades as an acclaimed prosecutor and private-sector litigator, Keith Fleischman founded Fleischman Law Firm in 2011 with a vision: an elite firm with the talent, creativity, and flexibility to take on complex cases and successfully litigate them through an efficient, focused team approach. That vision has, and continues, to be realized. Since the Firm’s launch, we have achieved an outstanding track record of case victories and resolutions and significantly grown our team of highly skilled lawyers from diverse backgrounds.


Our clients face complex legal problems, frequently in high-stakes situations. They come to us because they understand that we operate with a depth of knowledge and experience that many of the biggest firms offer, but at a fraction of the expense. At the same time, clients look to us for precision and focus. We conduct efficient pre-filing investigations and assess the potential case in detail before initiating legal action. Sensitive to our clients’ needs, we adjust strategies to fit their goals and resources while at all times maintaining clear communication and coordination throughout the litigation process. We know that success lies in mastery of the details, and make careful decisions at the outset regarding every matter we take on. As such, we are highly selective regarding the matters we take on.

The success of our approach is not only reflected in our results, but in the caliber of professional talent we attract. Fleischman Law Firm is comprised of former prosecutors, experienced litigators and trial lawyers, as well as those who come from a more traditional corporate background. We conduct our practice in teams to maximize the diverse talents and strengths of our staff specifically for each client.


Our clients draw on the experience and success of the Firm and its attorneys, who have led some of the largest and most complex criminal and civil litigations in the country. We have brought commercial disputes and high-stakes SEC and other regulatory investigations to successful conclusions, won major dismissals of lawsuits, and successfully litigated complaints brought on behalf of corporate and private equity clients in both state and federal court.

From Fortune 500 companies to private equity firms, hedge funds, and individuals, we represent both defendants and plaintiffs within a variety of matters. The breadth and depth of our experience, combined with our track record, has given us the privilege of maintaining a sophisticated client roster ordinarily enjoyed by much larger law firms.



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